Top 10 Adventure Resorts in Asia : The Recommendations

In Asia Travel on May 12, 2009 at 10:44 am
Adventure Tourism is Very Popular in Asia

Adventure Tourism is Very Popular in Asia

With vast variety of its geographical landscape and diversified communities, Asia is not only a heaven for shopping, dining, surfing, fishing, yachting or sunbathing. But this travel paradise region is also regarded as a great place for trekking, climbing or any kind of adventurous activities. Many surveys have reflected to the fact that Asia Adventure Tourism is now becoming increasingly popular. Adventure travel includes physical activity, interacting with local culture, and engaging with nature. The Asia Pacific region is an amazing place for adventure tourism because it is a vibrant and culturally rich expanse with a wealth of natural beauty.

It’s quite easy to search information from some travel guide books or websites to get some ideas where to kick off your journey. While countries in South or Central Asia such as India, Nepal, Uzbekistan or Tibet provide excellent sites for mountain biking, climbing and trekking, some other destinations in South East Asia region such as Thailand, Indonesia or Laos can also be decent choices for river rafting, bird watching and jungle safari.

Apart from the destination options to choose from, check out the bellowed list for some of the top recommended adventure resorts in Asia which might be interesting for any adventurous travelers:

1. Taj Safari Resort, Mahua Khoti, India

Experience the thrill of twice-daily jungle safaris, nature walks with trained naturalists and elephant treks in India’s Bandhavargh Provincial Park, home to the highest concentration of tigers in Southeast Asia. The 12 luxurious village huts provide an ideal home base from which to explore some of India’s greatest wonders.

2. Amankora, Bhutan

Aman Resorts offers five opulent lodges strategically placed for a trek through pristine and mystical Bhutan. With each lodge offering something unique, guests may choose to stay at one or all of the lodges, while trekking through some of the world’s most remote areas. Itineraries can be designed according to guest’s specifications, thus providing an endless selection of breathtaking adventures.

3. Four Seasons, Golden Triangle, Thailand

Accessible only by riverboat, the Four Seasons has created 15 luxury tents in the heart of Southeast Asia. Thailand’s Golden Triangle, a remote region that borders Myanmar and Laos, is the ultimate adventure hideaway. This amazingly beautiful area offers a wealth of pulse pumping activities and experiences, including elephant treks, mountain hikes, and river tours.

4. Elephant Safari Park Lodge, Bali, Indonesia

Enjoy a gourmet breakfast, complemented by the sights and sounds of elephants migrating to a lake for their morning bath. Guests are encouraged to interact with the elephants by taking treks through the Taro forests, assisting in bathing, and spending time at the feeding and petting areas, while learning more about the life of these regal pachyderms.

5. Freedom Inn Niseko, Japan

This tranquil retreat, situated in the scenic countryside of Hanazono, Hokkaido, boasts views of mountains, streams, and volcanic peaks. The recently opened Hanazono 308 Base Lodge and the Niseko United Ski lifts are just a short distance away, in addition to winter activities that include skiing, snowboarding, snow trekking, snowmobiling, and horseback riding. Guests are invited to relax at the hot springs bath located on the opposite side of the mountain for a truly refreshing experience.

6. El Nido Resorts Lagen Island Palawan, Philippines

Explore the 45 islands and islets that surround this beautiful tropical resort and offering endless opportunity for adventure, nature appreciation, mountain trekking, and climbing. Miniloc Island is a great place for snorkeling and getting up close and personal with schools of fish right off shore. Kayak around the big and small lagoons or venture to Cadlao Island for trekking, and a walk to the inland lagoon at Nagkalit-kalit.

7. River Kwai Jungle Raft, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Let the world’s entire worries float away on the River Kwai at this tranquil jungle raft resort. Explore nearby caves and waterfalls via canoes or elephants and enjoy the thrilling yet peaceful surroundings. Guests are encouraged to get involved with the local Mon tribes, watch ritual dances, and partake in local customs.

8. Bamurru Plains Hotel, Kakadu, Australia

Hidden in the Australian savannah, nine luxury safari-tent suites provide an ideal oasis from the fast pace of modern life. With no phones or televisions, only highly attentive staff, the resort caters to those seeking to be reacquainted with nature while leaving the chaos of city life behind, if only for a short while.

9. Laos Spirit, Luang Prabang, Laos

Located in the mountains of Laos along the Nam Khan River, this eco-friendly resort offers refurbished French Colonial buildings as a home base for some of the best trekking and hiking in Southeast Asia. Experience the splendor of unspoiled nature and the welcoming qualities of the local people at this majestic mountain hideaway.

10. Hin Tok River Camp @ Hell Fire Pass, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Twenty rustic, eco-style luxury tents overlooking the River Kwai offer a fulfilling change to the luxury hotels of Bangkok. Just two hours outside of Bangkok, this resort is an ideal base from which to explore the nearby Lawa Cave and a myriad of inspiring attractions.

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