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The Hottest tourist destinations in Asia Pacific for 2009 : The Recommendations

In Asia Travel, Travel on December 4, 2008 at 8:53 am


There are many travel tip articles have given suggestions that planning everything early is simply the smart way to make the best of their travel budget. How early it should be? Well…as we’re just now getting to the end of the year, some people were already talking about what would be favorite destinations for the next year. has recently released “LONELY PLANET’S BEST IN TRAVEL 2009” in which, of course, as one of the most favorite regions for worldwide travelers, there were 4 spots from Asia and Asia Pacific region included in this top 10 suggested list. More highly recommended tourist destinations are emerging from many countries in different continent, including BASQUE COUNTRY from France & Spain (Europe), CHILOE from Chile (South America), LANGUEDOC from France (Europe), THE BIG ISLAND Hawaii from U.S. (North America), SAN ANDRES & PROVIDENCIA from Colombia (South America), and SVALBARD from Norway (Europe). But the spotlights on the Asia Pacific are;

1. BAY OF FIRES, Australia (No. 1)The rookie tourist’s famous from the east coast of Tasmania has surprisingly occupied the top of the list. Bay of Fires is a place of tranquil beauty, full of clean white beaches and rocky bays. This unique place provide remarkable site for wide range of activities including camping, beach activities, boating, bird watching, fishing, swimming, surfing and walking. But a four-day guided hike would be something you shouldn’t miss as it was considered as the best way to experience scenic views of the bay which captured tourist’s most impressions.

2. KO TAO, Thailand (No. 4) – Even they are facing some political problems domestically which already gave some worries to international tourists, but this list would not be completed without Thailand. First there was Ko Samui, then Ko Pha-Ngan; now, the cult of Ko Tao has emerged along Thailand’s crystalline Gulf Coast. Ko Tao, another amazing place from Surathani Province, is simply a paradise for divers. Diving enthusiasts can enjoy cavorting all day long with sharks and rays in a playground of tangled neon coral. As, each year, millions of tourists were already got in touch with great local Thai foods, festinating accommodations, welcoming Thai people and amazing tourist spots, these comprehensive factors leave Ko Tao to a real good place to explore during your trip to Thailand – the tourist’s paradise country.

3. NAM HA, Laos (No. 6) – Nam Ha will be the best favorite especially for adventurous travelers. It’s a place where the mountains, waterfalls and lofty plateaux, are coupled with the culture of some 30 ethnic groups. The ideal landscape for eco-trekking is there to enjoy. Die-hard adventurers can tackle leeches and thigh-destroying slopes on a true jungle trek; budding anthropologists can people-watch by ambling through ethnic villages. However, please beware that the Nam Ha National Protected Area has an eco-enlightened tourism policy: organized treks can only be in small groups which must be led by local villagers who know all about the fauna and folklore of the province.

4. YUNNAN, China (No. 10) – This Beautiful Clouds in the South from China is also recalled as the “Endlessly fascinating”. Yunnan is a place of diversities and natural wonders. Its landscape ranges from a snowy mountain to tropical rainforest. The itineraries can start from the capital, Kumming, by visiting Stone Forest (Shi Lin) – one of the world’s natural wonders, the Bamboo Temple – 500 life-size luohans that were sculpted in the 1800’s and the ancient town in Xiaguan (New Dali) where tourist can unwind in one of the bars on “Foreigner’s Street”. These might be only a short list but there are a lot more to explore on the site.

For more information, please grab the LONELY PLANET’S BEST IN TRAVEL 2009” guide book, and you’ll be assured not to miss the spotlights of the next year.