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Coping with Long-hours Flight

In Travel Tips on April 1, 2008 at 3:27 am

Copinng with long hours filght

Copinng with long hours filght

There were many times that I had a long-hours flight which cause me stress, tired and sleepless. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to make such trips more comfortable and relax – here are some tips to handle with long and sleepless flight:

Dress Comfortably. Wear loose, and preferably, cotton clothes. You will be seated for an extended period of time in a confined space with temperatures fluctuating from hot to cold, so it’s best to be comfortable. Same goes for shoes. It’s common for our feet, hands and face to swell at high altitudes, so ladies, leave the heels behind.

Drink lots of water. Before the flight, and during your time in the air. The air is dry up there and dehydration is common. Try to abstain from alcoholic and diuretic beverages as these further dehydrate you.

Pack the right toiletries. Pack moisturizing lotion for your skin, bring balm for your lips and include eye drops in your carry-on bag. Moisturizing sleep masks are a popular choice for frequent flyers.

Stretch. Immobility combined with dehydration can cause deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – the forming of blood clots in the deep veins of your lower legs – which is associated with long distance flights. That’s why it’s important to adopt some simple exercises and keep your legs moving when airborne. Rotate the ankles, pointing the heel and toe alternatively and lift your knees whilst seated every half hour for a few minutes. Tense your leg muscles too and take a regular walk down the aisle to help circulation.

Take other preventative measures against DVT. Pack compression socks or hosiery that has been designed especially to prevent DVT. Take a low-dose aspirin (100-150 mg) before the flight, during the flight (check the dosage limits) and for 3 days after. Aspirin helps prevent the blood from clotting.

Delay your snooze. Rather than taking a kip immediately after the first meal and movie, try and keep your mind active for a few more hours. Prolonging the time until sleep will ensure that when you finally get some shut eye, the sleep will be heavier and longer.



Bottled baggage: Advice on how to lug liquids

In Travel, Travel Tips on March 12, 2008 at 4:43 am

With more best airports adopting stricter regulations on carrying liquids, it was time to look at the whys and what’s of hand luggage security.Ferrying liquid-based items abroad these days has become a complicated and confusing business. Especially as there have been discrepancies in airport regulations. But most countries prefer to err on the safer rather than sorrier side of precaution these days and are complying with global security standards. 

The banning of certain liquidized items onboard airplanes began in 2006 when a major transatlantic aircraft plot involving the detonation of liquid explosives was foiled in Britain. Immediately after the incident, strict regulations were imposed on bringing liquids and aerosol products on board. Most of these regulations are still effective today, with the majority of airports adopting American Transport Security Administration (TAS) protocols.

According to TAS regulations, the basic rules are these: All liquids in containers exceeding 100ml are prohibited on board planes with the only exception being liquid baby food (including milk) and prescription medications. Popular banned items are everyday things such as drinking water, butane lighters, hair gel, hand lotion, perfume, toothpaste, moisturizing lotions and any other liquid-based products. To bring liquids on board, all items must come in containers less than 100ml and fit into quart-size re-sealable, transparent plastic bags.   

Most major airports in Asia implemented the US security standards on liquids this year including Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi, the world’s newest airport. For many travelers in Southeast Asia – particularly Bangkok – the newly implemented regulations came as a surprise.

So, in order to avoid losing valuable goods, Here’s a series of tips to prepare you for take-off:

  • Create a checklist before you pack which highlights items that you are prohibited from packing in your hand luggage (check the for useful tips on packing or go to the TSA website for an easy-to-read brochure);
  • Pack all toiletries into your check-in luggage rather than hand luggage;
  • When purchasing duty-free items, check with the sales staff about how the products have been sealed and what regulations will apply after you have opened them;

When bringing ‘essentials’ in your hand luggage make sure they are under 100ml and packed in a ziplock bag. It may be handy to purchase travel-friendly toiletries to avoid the hassle of packing individual items. To travel in style, try Khiels travel packs for guys or beauty packs by Ren or Crème De Lamer for women.